Birch Hills Golf Course

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Birch Hills Golf Course

  • Client
  • Project
    Birch Hills Golf Course
  • Services
    Construction and Cost Management
  • Budget
    $20 Million
  • Location
    La Floresta, California
  • Size
    90 acres

Project Description

Birch Hills Golf Course project included remediation of the land and a major redesign and upgrade as part of the 120-acre La Floresta master-planned community.

It is a 3120-yard par 59, 18-hole golf course developed to accommodate all skill levels and includes a lighted driving range open all year. 

Value Add

The project team provided cost control and management throughout the project. Working with the client on contracts, we made sure they were executed correctly with their vendors. The team also coordinated efforts between the design team, local agencies, and contractors to enable the project to be executed to the city’s requirements.
*Team experience prior to Rupert Construction Services Inc
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