La Floresta Swim Club

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La Floresta Swim Club

  • Client
  • Project
    La Floresta Swim Club
  • Services
    Design, Cost, Project and Construction Management
  • Budget
    $4 million
  • Location
    La Floresta, California
  • Square Feet

Project Description

The La Floresta Swim Club was part of the La Floresta Development that included remediation and development of 120 acres for a residential and retail community.

The swim club featured a pool, spa, ballroom, kitchen and outdoor amenities. As part of a planned community development, this swim club was built as a community recreation facility. 

Value Add

Our team provided design management services from inception to completion, guiding the project to be completed within the design specifications. Additionally, having worked with the client closely, RCS provided owner's representative services. RCS provided cost and project management services, guiding the project to stay on schedule and within the established budget for the construction of the project.
*Team experience prior to Rupert Construction Services Inc
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