Fort Hood Stadium & Sports Complex

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Fort Hood Stadium & Sports Complex

  • Client
    United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • Project
    Fort Hood Sports Complex & Stadium
  • Services
    Project and Construction Management, and General Contractor Services
  • Budget
    $13 - $20 million
  • Location
    Fort Hood, Texas
  • Size
    64 acres

Project Description

Development of 64 acres for a new sport complex and support facilities including a football field, running track, baseball/softball fields and parking lot. The project entailed the installation of all associated site utilities to support the new Sports Complex including sewer, water, storm drain, electrical service.
In addition, the site needed to be remediated due to contamination discovered during land works during construction dating back to World War II.  

Value Add

Our team provided Project and Construction Management services to oversee the field management staff and subcontractors. The team worked to make sure that all administrative activities were completed in a timely manner and therefore the project was executed on time and within budget. We also coordinated with the government client and local users to ensure all stakeholder needs were met. Strict oversight made sure that there was no scope creep or significant cost impacts.
*Team experience prior to Rupert Construction Services Inc
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